Study Digital Life – The Good and the Bad

Digital Life is an educational and research program to radically rethink the human-computer interaction interface. It combines both virtual and actual worlds. In short, it is about how to use the internet not only for communication and entertainment but also for creating and living a better life. The main goal of this unique teaching platform is to create an environment that stimulates the brain’s cognitive processes and unleashes the creative power. Its approach of teaching is inspired by the latest advances in technology, specifically computers and their ability to help us think in new ways. With this in mind, you can probably understand why this program has been called a ‘digital science curriculum.’

Here are the basics. We are all aware of how computers have affected our lives, whether it is through games, websites, communication, etc. But we are not aware of how computers can help us live a better, longer and healthier life. We are living in the Information Age. We need to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope with the changes.

The premise of the Digital Life curriculum is simple. It is said that we live in a world where people are becoming less physically active, while they are becoming more mentally and emotionally active. In fact, experts estimate that physical activity only accounts for 15% of our lives. And the percentage is only going to get higher as time goes by.

A lot of our tasks are simply commuting. We need to be at work and be done by the time we go home. The result is that we are literally sedentary.

Our busy schedules prevent us from getting enough sleep. We often oversleep on weekends and in some cases, we do not get enough rest during the week. Getting sufficient sleep is important for our body’s function, both in growth and maintenance. And it definitely has an effect on our mental abilities and performance.

Being socially active is another thing that is slowly being replaced by the convenience of cell phones and the internet. What was once an occasion – a picnic with our extended family – has now turned into an instant messaging system. We can send messages while on the go. And many of us have even replaced real human connections with those made through our mobile phones. We have become so engaged with our phones that we forget to take the time to connect with other people.

For students in high school and college, the trend of long distance learning is also catching up. Students no longer feel the need to travel a long distance just to finish school. They have the option of learning at their own pace at their own homes. The long awaited digital innovations are there to help them enjoy this benefit.

If you ask me, I feel that a better education should be worth the effort of the student who is willing to work for it. And with that, I think that we are giving our students too much freedom. If they are happy with their jobs, they will return home and do what they love. If they are happy with their lives, they will come back to school and pursue their dream. That is how we should live.

But it is not all smooth sailing. It is sometimes difficult to adjust to the lifestyle of a long distance learner. Some learners become isolated and some cannot cope with the isolation. There are also those who find themselves isolated because of the differences in culture and language. But what can we do about this?

It is our responsibility to nurture them and make them feel that they are wanted and loved even if they are far away from us. This is where online courses and Skype have come into the picture. By enabling them to communicate with us using digital means, we allow them to express themselves creatively. Not only that, this helps them to broaden their horizons.

So, if you want to get ahead in life and have a fulfilling career, then you should start looking for good schools where you can study digital technology. You can find them in online courses and even on campus. Just remember that you need discipline, determination, motivation and a strong desire to succeed. Do not settle for less.